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02 March 2009 @ 12:25 am
Annoyed, pissed, bitchy rant  
I'm rushing assignments like mad.

My 3D wire animal is 85% done.
My 3D cardboard robot - 10%
5 sketches - 0%
Marker illustration - 5%

3D and drawings are due this Wednesday, marker illustration this Friday. The damn flu is getting worse. I've been sick for 2 weeks and I'm not getting any better. My chest hurts from all the coughing, breathing is sometimes hard.

I think I made a few enemies in class last Wednesday. We had a debate, "Women can live without men but men cannot live without women". I was chosen to represent the women, obviously, so I said my points. The guys had theirs but I could fight back so in the end the girls won. Dumbass boys couldn't take it and said, "If I could speak my points in Chinese, you won't even be able to mutter a single word". Okay, so if you had so many points why didn't you help your friend out? He could translate that for you and you knew it. "I didn't want to cause trouble". Trouble my ass, then don't threaten me after class. It was just a fucking debate in class. After that it's nothing, it's not like we're fighting wars or trying to make enemies. Grow up boy.

And then, what am I supposed to be here?
"Help me I forgot to bring my drawing pencils, I left it in the library!"
"It's kinda too late now, the library was open this morning though" - me.
"I know! But I can't draw now!"
"You don't need drawing pencils to draw, you can draw with normal 2B pencils" - me.
"I can't draw with normal pencils!"
"Then what do you want me to do? Break into the library? But you a whole new set and send it all the way to your house??" - me, annoyed.
And she kept quiet after that.

Then I got a text from her just now.
"Sha, bring your laptop for me tomorrow. Thanks".
Rather demanding no? It's MY laptop, you could ask nicely instead of demanding. And after all, you only want to use it for chatting and not for work. Gosh, when will people learn???
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