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13 October 2009 @ 01:41 am
Oh wow. I didn't know I neglected my eljay so much. Sorreh honey, mummy loves you XD;;
I ignored you for like 2 months?

It was a busy semester for me I swear. Even though term 2 of semester 3 is supposed to be less packed, I still end up with a lot of work and thanks to someone who decided to take the opportunity to throw part of our group project work at me and flee, I had yet again another break down that involved a lot of screaming, crying and swollen eyes. Mmmeh.

Now I'm on my second week of break. Next week is a new semester. I have somethings that I wanna do right now. But I'm just being lazy haha (hey! I'm on my break xP).

Oh yea, apart from that. My warranty for my 13" MacBook expired 3 months ago and the battery decides to swell up. Normal batteries aren't supposed to do that. Apparently, a Li-on battery can combust into flames anytime, especially mine that's slowly swelling up. It charges normal, it doesn't black out on me but it's going out of proportion. I called Switch in Queensbay and the guy there seems pretty confident that I've to pay for a new battery and the lady on Apple Care Hotline seemed shocked that my battery would swell up when there's so many people complaining online and also there was a silent recall for their MacBook Pro batteries that were swelling. They had an exchange program for the 13" MacBook but that ended in May 2009. They wouldn't publish what model were the batteries that were called back. Mine's A1185 but there's no news about that except it was made in China.

Basically, it's not my fault that the battery was a defect. If they refuse to change a new one for me, I was told by a friend that I could go and lodge a complain at the Consumer's Association. If I hadn't checked my battery today, who knows, it might have exploded and all that's left of me is a set of charred skeletal remains.

That was well, my day D:

Oh, and I've a art blog here: http://epikureanism.blogspot.com
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