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ゆきや れい
23 October 2020 @ 01:06 am
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ゆきや れい
19 September 2011 @ 10:12 pm
Okay so I've been pretty much dead here.

I've graduated!! :)
Being Chairlady for the graduation committee was awesome! It was really great working with all of my coursemates ♥

On the other hand, I'm starting my first job as a designer in October, wish me luck!

I've managed to catch back on all the music I've missed from The GazettE and Kagrra,
It was such a shock to me that Isshi had passed. I'm going to miss that voice of his and his artistic lyrical abilities.

Personal life side, things are neutral. The point that I'm still being doubted, pushed away and pulled back like a yoyo by him. And the fact that she controls him so much that the balance in our group is really lost. I feel sad. 2 years plus of friendship slowly shattering to a fragile stage because of a female who wants everything to herself.

Life is never fair but it always has its rewards in weird ways.
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ゆきや れい
22 June 2010 @ 05:10 pm
Stressed? Pretty much I guess.

Students' Council has pretty much left me in a state where I can't feel what's going on. With the pressure of last term's missing classes due to having a stubborn flu that went on for 6 weeks, I was pretty much exhausted, drained and emotional stressed due to the fact that I feel guilty for being ill and missing those classes.

Being lectured for missing classes by several lecturers and also by the college counsellor didn't actually help much. I felt worse. Even after having 3 weeks of rest during college break, 3 days before the next term started I fell ill again.

Right now I'm in the 3rd week of the second term and I'm pretty much feeling dead. Emotionally and physically drained. I have prom coming up. Sponsorships have been slow. I don't have enough prizes for lucky draw. Been worrying and working myself to the max everyday just figuring out who to ask for sponsors and to follow up with them.

Doesn't help the fact that a certain friend of mine who helped me with the prom poster (which I am forever grateful for) decided to ditch me during the most important time of the week when I needed an update for the poster and also the same week that the poster had to be printed to get the sales for prom tickets. That same person as well made a lot of stupid jokes when I was with people that to him seemed fun to annoy me but the fact that it was really disrespectful to me as a Students' Council President and also the perception of me by others had changed.

Thanks to that friend, the college technician has announced that he will not anymore printing in college for me because I said that "the college printer sucks" when it was a private conversation with me and another friend when I commented that the printer's color wasn't that good which was the truth. But that particular person whom I mentioned earlier announced loudly to the technician infront of everyone in the staff room that I said the printer sucked. Hence, I have become the ungrateful person and I am now unable to do any sort of printing for my assignments in college.

During meetings with hotel management for the prom and also during the time when I am talking to people who might be interested in sponsoring, he deliberated announced loudly that they shouldn't support my college because the college sucked. It has made me pretty much embarrassed to face anyone when asking for sponsorship.

The current stress level I think has went into over drive and currently I am emotionally numb. I am unable to feel any emotions. It is hard for me to cry even if I wanted to. I had to force myself to cry last night but yet, I felt nothing.

I went online looking for psychological help and got the respond of "This most likely is one of the causes of your problem,"Currently I'm organizing an event for college and one of my friend's decided to ditch his responsibilities and I had to answer a lot to the college management." The numbness you are experiencing is a frequent symptom of depression which comes from excessive stress.Reducing your work load,especially your extra-curricular responsibilities,should get you back to a normal de-stressed state which hopefully will cure your depression".

With that said, I can't really find time to relax. And I can't reduce my current workload and responsibilities.

I'm pretty much fucked up I guess.
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ゆきや れい
13 October 2009 @ 01:41 am
Oh wow. I didn't know I neglected my eljay so much. Sorreh honey, mummy loves you XD;;
I ignored you for like 2 months?

It was a busy semester for me I swear. Even though term 2 of semester 3 is supposed to be less packed, I still end up with a lot of work and thanks to someone who decided to take the opportunity to throw part of our group project work at me and flee, I had yet again another break down that involved a lot of screaming, crying and swollen eyes. Mmmeh.

Now I'm on my second week of break. Next week is a new semester. I have somethings that I wanna do right now. But I'm just being lazy haha (hey! I'm on my break xP).

Oh yea, apart from that. My warranty for my 13" MacBook expired 3 months ago and the battery decides to swell up. Normal batteries aren't supposed to do that. Apparently, a Li-on battery can combust into flames anytime, especially mine that's slowly swelling up. It charges normal, it doesn't black out on me but it's going out of proportion. I called Switch in Queensbay and the guy there seems pretty confident that I've to pay for a new battery and the lady on Apple Care Hotline seemed shocked that my battery would swell up when there's so many people complaining online and also there was a silent recall for their MacBook Pro batteries that were swelling. They had an exchange program for the 13" MacBook but that ended in May 2009. They wouldn't publish what model were the batteries that were called back. Mine's A1185 but there's no news about that except it was made in China.

Basically, it's not my fault that the battery was a defect. If they refuse to change a new one for me, I was told by a friend that I could go and lodge a complain at the Consumer's Association. If I hadn't checked my battery today, who knows, it might have exploded and all that's left of me is a set of charred skeletal remains.

That was well, my day D:

Oh, and I've a art blog here: http://epikureanism.blogspot.com
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ゆきや れい
17 August 2009 @ 11:39 pm
I had a good laugh watching an old episode of Shounen Club with the cute Yamada Ryosuke as director for the theme sexy.

Therefore, today's random question is:
"In your opinion, what makes you sexy?"

Zeon: I don't know! Liek srsly! I phail D8

Syre: My looks and personality! I'm the sexiest beast on earth! >: )

Franklin: My ass makes me sexy!

Tash: My personality~!

Raimie: You (as in me *swt*) make me sexy

Jenna: My boobs make me sexy! Hahaha! Tits!! 8D

Me: My eyes or my personality when I'm nice xD;;

Feinne: I'm naturally sexy. God made that way : D

Siang: My undeniable awesomeness

Franky: Hmmmm what makes a sword wielding, crazy wacko dude sexy? I believe it's my style XD

Jiin Horng: In my opinion, chicken makes me sexy. Chicken is hot and spicy RETARD~!8D

Alex: I suppose the feelings I evoke in others
"You think I am, because I've made you feel I am"

Minna~ What makes you sexy??? 8D;;
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ゆきや れい
22 July 2009 @ 08:26 am
She's gone.
I was supposed to take her to the vet today.
But she left me.
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ゆきや れい
07 June 2009 @ 10:49 pm
Ichibanzai'09 has just ENDED! FINALLY!

CosGami opened a booth for 2 days 6 & 7 June at KDU. Hwa Siang made manjyuus out of plaster in moulds and sold them for RM3 each but the buyer has to paint them themselves a lot people didn't want to buy them haha. But he painted 3 of them and it was really pretty! One was a fairy with wings, a monkey with ears and tail and a tiger! Cute! Hontou ni kawaii manjyuu da~

I made plush keychains, Toast-chan~! I was planning to make like a hundred of them and it really killed me but in the end I made a few, how many I don't know cos I didn't count but I sold 7 of them already and the ready made ones are with Hwa Siang so I can't count. I sold them at RM2 each. I'll put up photos when I am done ^_^

First day was bad. Not much people went to the event due to bad advertising and also bad management. I heard the committee had a lot of internal problems. Anyway, there were 2 bands performing and they were deafening. One screeches and the other mumbles but they were bloody loud till my ears hurt.

The visual clothing shop people opened a booth next to us and one of Afan's friends was a FREAKING BISHIE! I TELL YOU BISHIE OMGOMGOMGOMG♥

We girls were fangirling like crazy. Hwa Siang himself got worried about us haha. I asked everyone I know to go take his photos, it was crazy! And we fangirled a lot! At the end of the day we went up to him to tell him he was very pretty and he said "Oh okay that's freaky.." and before we left we went to ask his name. He said it's Asher/Ascher/Esher/Escher however you spell it xD;;

He looked as pretty as Uruha with make-up on and the VK clothing ♥

Basically day 2 was better, there was Karaoke competition and Cosplay competition (more cosplayers so it wasn't so dull). A girl came to tell us Asher said he wasn't coming so we girls were kinda sad. Then when Afan and gang came, a dude was wearing a Jabberwocky mask. He never took it off, not even once so yea, I was suspicious lol. So I started noticing that he kept looking our way and made a few notes. He had the same height as Asher and had the same hair colour as Asher (yes I was that bored xD) and the fact that he kept looking made me even more suspicious. And then I noticed the necklace he was wearing was exactly the same one that Asher was wearing yesterday. I remember because I was looking at it yesterday because the design was nice. So because of that I believed 100% it was Asher in disguise.

So me and my sister had a plan. Her friends were cosplaying random lolitas so we asked them to take photos with the guy. So they went with Sinister (and his trusty fast snapping camera lens and camera). So while they took photos with him, he was happily posing and then Jun pulled of the mask to reveal Ascher! It was so funny! He was stunned but laughing afterwards. His smile's really cute, exactly like Gazette's Kai's. So ya, I was happy ahaha! xD;;

Anyway, I was forced to join the Karaoke competition. I sang Kaoru Amane's Taiyou no Uta and Otsuka Ai's Planetarium. It was a last minute thing and I was totally unprepared and nervous like shit. I kept telling people I was going to die. I had to write the lyrics on paper because it was too last minute to prepare. My hands shook when I sang. It didn't even stop shaking after I finished! I guess I was totally unprepared for it that I was so nervous. They liked it except the fact I held a piece of paper (no choice anyway, I'll die without it haha). I won by the way. Lol. But I almost died haha.

That was my day. Now I shall go pester people to send me Asher's photos so I can post them here to show you guys! xD;;
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ゆきや れい
10 April 2009 @ 01:33 am
So today was a moomoo day. I wake up early in the morning and it was raining. And rainy days means it's a good day to sleep in but I can't cause Sarah has school and college starts at 9 so I've to follow them down to town at 6.30 in the morning.

Breakfast was usual. At the same coffee shop. I'm VERY happy Dad remembered what day today was. He usually doesn't. So I am very happy :D

Mama gave me RM50 as a present. My family has been having financial difficulties and RM50 is a lot of money. I was really touched and I didn't plan to use it until, I had to at lunch time T__T

Ricardo's class was kinda upsetting. All the heritage photos I took was rejected because he only wanted straight angle. Why can't he just say so? My mood was like the weather I tell you.

Lunch time, we wanted to call McDonald's delivery but because of the rain, they had a lot of deliveries that were not done so we had to go buy it on our own. I had to pay for it first with the RM50 Mama gave me.

At the end, we all ate but no one paid me back except for my senior. I shall make them pay tomorrow. It was Mama's birthday gift to me! T__T

After class, at 5PM there was a Pixel Art Workshop by King Cutter Ex and Onimanjyuu. I had FUN! This is what I made in class my pink Jello Baby. Oh by the way, I bought pink hair dye. I'm gonna streak my hair pink soon! ♥

Momoman, Onimanjyuu, King Cutter Ex

Jasmine (at the back) and Raimie at the Pixel Art Workshop.

Joanna picked me home from college. Took a quick shower and headed to Cass'. The three of us celebrated my 21st under the moonlight sky with Domino's Pizza.

And the birthday girl has to do the cleaning up T_T

It wasn't grand but I enjoyed my day. I've not celebrated my birthday for years and today's was the best! ♥

And oh my! Mama and Sarah surprised me! I came home at 12.30AM to an empty house. Half and hour later Mama and Sarah gave me a cake xD;;
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ゆきや れい
02 March 2009 @ 12:25 am
I'm rushing assignments like mad.

My 3D wire animal is 85% done.
My 3D cardboard robot - 10%
5 sketches - 0%
Marker illustration - 5%

3D and drawings are due this Wednesday, marker illustration this Friday. The damn flu is getting worse. I've been sick for 2 weeks and I'm not getting any better. My chest hurts from all the coughing, breathing is sometimes hard.

I think I made a few enemies in class last Wednesday. We had a debate, "Women can live without men but men cannot live without women". I was chosen to represent the women, obviously, so I said my points. The guys had theirs but I could fight back so in the end the girls won. Dumbass boys couldn't take it and said, "If I could speak my points in Chinese, you won't even be able to mutter a single word". Okay, so if you had so many points why didn't you help your friend out? He could translate that for you and you knew it. "I didn't want to cause trouble". Trouble my ass, then don't threaten me after class. It was just a fucking debate in class. After that it's nothing, it's not like we're fighting wars or trying to make enemies. Grow up boy.

And then, what am I supposed to be here?
"Help me I forgot to bring my drawing pencils, I left it in the library!"
"It's kinda too late now, the library was open this morning though" - me.
"I know! But I can't draw now!"
"You don't need drawing pencils to draw, you can draw with normal 2B pencils" - me.
"I can't draw with normal pencils!"
"Then what do you want me to do? Break into the library? But you a whole new set and send it all the way to your house??" - me, annoyed.
And she kept quiet after that.

Then I got a text from her just now.
"Sha, bring your laptop for me tomorrow. Thanks".
Rather demanding no? It's MY laptop, you could ask nicely instead of demanding. And after all, you only want to use it for chatting and not for work. Gosh, when will people learn???
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ゆきや れい
18 February 2009 @ 07:29 pm
First of all I'd like to thank everyone who replied in my previous post. I'm sorry I didn't reply all of you individually. I've been doing a lot of thinking.

I've spoken to my lecturers and they advised me to go for the degree. And if my timetable in USM isn't too packed, they will help arrange some classes for me to finish my certificate first so that when I go back to Equator it would be easier for me.

I think I should give this degree a try. And I will, go back to Equator after I've finished it. My dad also thinks that is the best choice (my mother's and aunt's opinions about art aside *sticks tongue at them*).

So yes. I shall go.

I am sorry Beng Choo and Jasmine. This wasn't an easy choice to make but I have to. In time, when you meet choices like this, you'll understand too.

And then now, to all those people out saying my dad committed suicide because of bankruptcy, HE IS ALIVE AND PERFECTLY FINE. THANK YOU.

I honestly don't know how to react to these people. Making such a RIDICULOUS rumour! How the hell you want us to react? Laugh until we cry when you give us your condolences?!

Stop creating stupid idiotic bullshit and go find a better job to do. Low lives.
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