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07 June 2009 @ 10:49 pm
Ichibanzai'09 has just ENDED! FINALLY!

CosGami opened a booth for 2 days 6 & 7 June at KDU. Hwa Siang made manjyuus out of plaster in moulds and sold them for RM3 each but the buyer has to paint them themselves a lot people didn't want to buy them haha. But he painted 3 of them and it was really pretty! One was a fairy with wings, a monkey with ears and tail and a tiger! Cute! Hontou ni kawaii manjyuu da~

I made plush keychains, Toast-chan~! I was planning to make like a hundred of them and it really killed me but in the end I made a few, how many I don't know cos I didn't count but I sold 7 of them already and the ready made ones are with Hwa Siang so I can't count. I sold them at RM2 each. I'll put up photos when I am done ^_^

First day was bad. Not much people went to the event due to bad advertising and also bad management. I heard the committee had a lot of internal problems. Anyway, there were 2 bands performing and they were deafening. One screeches and the other mumbles but they were bloody loud till my ears hurt.

The visual clothing shop people opened a booth next to us and one of Afan's friends was a FREAKING BISHIE! I TELL YOU BISHIE OMGOMGOMGOMG♥

We girls were fangirling like crazy. Hwa Siang himself got worried about us haha. I asked everyone I know to go take his photos, it was crazy! And we fangirled a lot! At the end of the day we went up to him to tell him he was very pretty and he said "Oh okay that's freaky.." and before we left we went to ask his name. He said it's Asher/Ascher/Esher/Escher however you spell it xD;;

He looked as pretty as Uruha with make-up on and the VK clothing ♥

Basically day 2 was better, there was Karaoke competition and Cosplay competition (more cosplayers so it wasn't so dull). A girl came to tell us Asher said he wasn't coming so we girls were kinda sad. Then when Afan and gang came, a dude was wearing a Jabberwocky mask. He never took it off, not even once so yea, I was suspicious lol. So I started noticing that he kept looking our way and made a few notes. He had the same height as Asher and had the same hair colour as Asher (yes I was that bored xD) and the fact that he kept looking made me even more suspicious. And then I noticed the necklace he was wearing was exactly the same one that Asher was wearing yesterday. I remember because I was looking at it yesterday because the design was nice. So because of that I believed 100% it was Asher in disguise.

So me and my sister had a plan. Her friends were cosplaying random lolitas so we asked them to take photos with the guy. So they went with Sinister (and his trusty fast snapping camera lens and camera). So while they took photos with him, he was happily posing and then Jun pulled of the mask to reveal Ascher! It was so funny! He was stunned but laughing afterwards. His smile's really cute, exactly like Gazette's Kai's. So ya, I was happy ahaha! xD;;

Anyway, I was forced to join the Karaoke competition. I sang Kaoru Amane's Taiyou no Uta and Otsuka Ai's Planetarium. It was a last minute thing and I was totally unprepared and nervous like shit. I kept telling people I was going to die. I had to write the lyrics on paper because it was too last minute to prepare. My hands shook when I sang. It didn't even stop shaking after I finished! I guess I was totally unprepared for it that I was so nervous. They liked it except the fact I held a piece of paper (no choice anyway, I'll die without it haha). I won by the way. Lol. But I almost died haha.

That was my day. Now I shall go pester people to send me Asher's photos so I can post them here to show you guys! xD;;
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ゆきや れいmc_ice on June 7th, 2009 04:05 pm (UTC)
Yep. They were the only 2 I was more familiar with in their song list. Thank you dear ♥