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17 August 2009 @ 11:39 pm
Ore wa sekushii ya~! Ahn~  
I had a good laugh watching an old episode of Shounen Club with the cute Yamada Ryosuke as director for the theme sexy.

Therefore, today's random question is:
"In your opinion, what makes you sexy?"

Zeon: I don't know! Liek srsly! I phail D8

Syre: My looks and personality! I'm the sexiest beast on earth! >: )

Franklin: My ass makes me sexy!

Tash: My personality~!

Raimie: You (as in me *swt*) make me sexy

Jenna: My boobs make me sexy! Hahaha! Tits!! 8D

Me: My eyes or my personality when I'm nice xD;;

Feinne: I'm naturally sexy. God made that way : D

Siang: My undeniable awesomeness

Franky: Hmmmm what makes a sword wielding, crazy wacko dude sexy? I believe it's my style XD

Jiin Horng: In my opinion, chicken makes me sexy. Chicken is hot and spicy RETARD~!8D

Alex: I suppose the feelings I evoke in others
"You think I am, because I've made you feel I am"

Minna~ What makes you sexy??? 8D;;
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