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ゆきや れい
19 September 2011 @ 10:12 pm
Okay so I've been pretty much dead here.

I've graduated!! :)
Being Chairlady for the graduation committee was awesome! It was really great working with all of my coursemates ♥

On the other hand, I'm starting my first job as a designer in October, wish me luck!

I've managed to catch back on all the music I've missed from The GazettE and Kagrra,
It was such a shock to me that Isshi had passed. I'm going to miss that voice of his and his artistic lyrical abilities.

Personal life side, things are neutral. The point that I'm still being doubted, pushed away and pulled back like a yoyo by him. And the fact that she controls him so much that the balance in our group is really lost. I feel sad. 2 years plus of friendship slowly shattering to a fragile stage because of a female who wants everything to herself.

Life is never fair but it always has its rewards in weird ways.
Current Mood: sadsad